It has been a long-stayed experience to use technologies of different types in order to assist the teaching and learning process in the classroom contexts. In recent years, with the emergence of mobile technology in the ICT sector, language learning has been extending its domain beyond the cells of language teaching and learning. The ubiquitous power of the learning and flexibility of learning contexts together with the learner and device mobility have urged teachers to pursue mobile-based lessons in English language teaching. This understanding is triggered more since the appropriacy of mobile phone features for carrying out English language activities exhibited pedagogically sounding usefulness.  

Therefore, this course is intended to bring change to the students listening and reading comprehension skill performances by integrating learner owned mobile phone technology that will embed Moodle 3.0 application which is a software and learning platform specially made for learners of any type who have access to portable digital devices. Thereby, it will enable the researcher teacher to investigate the magnitude of the effect of using Mobile-based lessons on students' comprehension skills while listening and reading in the English language.  

This course, basic writing skills is meant for regular students who are fresh entry to Arba Minch University. It focuses on developing the students’ basic writing skills which could help them in writing academic essays, reports, assignments, projects, summaries and the like in their subject specialization. Since it is a common course, it also helps the instructors to have common material on the course to minimize the gap between them in delivering the course.

The course is organized into three units. The first unit is about writing effective sentences. In this unit, students learn the types of clauses and recognize how these clauses play significant role in writing effective sentences. Here the students are expected to make themselves familiar with sentence types. They are also required to understand the uses of different punctuation marks, learn to examine various sentence faults and correct them into effective ones. The second unit deals with paragraph writing. It familiarizes the students with the definition of a paragraph, the basic structure of a paragraph and the characteristics of effective paragraph. It also helps the students to practice writing appropriate topic sentence which could be developed into effectively unified, coherent and well developed paragraph. Unit three is about an extended or essay writing. In this unit, students will distinguish different types of essays and learn how to write coherent and well-structured essays. They will also understand the purpose of essay outline and the importance of writing effective thesis statement.

Each unit in the course is accompanied by different activities that give opportunity for the students to practice their basic writing skill. All the activities are designed in an integrated way. Special attention is given in integrating writing with reading which is supposed to help the students improve their writing ability.  The activities allow the students to work together either in pair or in group and finally work with their teacher. So, to achieve the objectives of the course, it is expected that both students and the course instructors should work cooperatively.

This course deals with the nature of human learning, and various theories and principles that explain how learning takes place. The course gives opportunities for learners to critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the various theories of learning. 

This course focuses on instructional technology with conceptual and practical integration of Technology, Media and Learning

This is the Communicative English Language Skills (EnLa 1011). It focuses on developing your macro and micro English language skills such as listening, reading, speaking, writing, vocabulary, grammar with the view of helping you to use English language in you academic life and beyond. This online set focuses on the Listening Skills. You are provided with listening tasks and texts that help you with the learning of the listening skills.

This is an official e-learning platform for the sharing of the face-to-face Chamo forum presentations and for online forum discussions. intends to incourage professional and academic development of instructors in the Chamo Campus through the sharing of Academic Contributions of instructors to instructors.  In the platform Academic papers presented during face-to-face forum presentations and the comments made will be made available In the order of their presentation. We encourage you read and leave comments after accessing the platform.