In this course, issues such as models of disabilities; in which, the attitude of the society will be investigated. These models have been proposed based on societal economic, political and social developments. The attitude of the society towards the people with disability and the visa-versa will therefore be discussed in depth.

This subject introduces learners to human, property and finance management. The learners learn how to contribute to human resource development that enhances both individual and organizational performance. It review the evolution of the HRD, Issues and procedures in the design and development of training program, organizational design programs, and strategies for employee's career development. The course will also examine selection of personal, placement performance appraisal, and personnel administration. 

This course deals with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills in assessing need in curriculum and training development. It intends to develop the trainees' understanding of the nature, process and practices of assessing needs for curriculum and training development.  Moreover, it gives a clear picture of the sources, steps and types of needs assessment both in curriculum and training development