Introduction to the Module

 The module for the course Communicative English Skills I (EnLa101) is intended to be given in the first semester for all first-year students joining Ethiopian universities. The module focuses on listening and reading skills and integrates these two skills with speaking and writing activities. The module is prepared to enable you, the student, to communicate in English with acceptable accuracy and fluency by using English appropriately in different contexts. The module aims to develop your English language proficiency through language learning activities designed to help you use English for your academic and social needs. The language learning activities encourage you to learn by doing things in English and by reflecting on the activities you do in each unit. Grammar and vocabulary learning activities are also included in the module.

There are five units in this module. Unit 1 is on study skills, and the activities in this unit will encourage you to make notes from lectures and use them for revising your courses. Unit 2 is about health and fitness in which you will listen to a story about a sports star and discuss the benefits of health and fitness. Unit 3 is on cultural values and in this unit you will read about the culture of one cultural community in Ethiopia and listen to a lecture on cultural tourism. In addition, in Unit 3 you will talk about cultural values and write about cultural values that you are proud of. In Unit 4 you will listen to, read and talk about wildlife. Unit 5 deals with population and you will listen to a talk on population density, and you will read about the population of one country. In Unit 5 you will also study the collocations of ‗population‘ and the form and uses of the active and passive voices. At the end of each unit there are sections which require you to reflect on the activities you have performed and to self-assess your level of achievement of unit objectives.

It is believed that you will successfully complete this module, which is followed by another module in the second semester for the course Communicative English Skills II (EnLa102). Communicative English Skills II will focus on speaking and writing skills and will, of course, integrate these skills with listening and reading activities. The writers of the modules believe that both courses will help you improve your English language proficiency and be successful in your academic career and social life.