This course covers the history of the world from 1945 to the contemporary world. It deals with the historical developments that took place during this period. Accordingly, it gives much focus to the situations after the Second World War such as the UNO, the Cold War, the Post – WWII world, (Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Decolonization in Asia) Generally, the major topical issues that are going to be covered in this course is: The consequences of WWII (the UN, War crime trials, the cold War, Military Blocks, Economic Groupings), Post WWII Western World (Europe and USA), Eastern Europe, Peoples Democracies and the USSR; Decolonization, Wars, Revolutions, the economy in Asia: Japan, Vietnam, China, Korea, the Middle East since 1945; Arab-Israeli conflicts, the dissolution of the communist bloc, causes and consequences. In addition, the course also treats the major contemporary global issues such as terrorism, human and environmental security.