Key Objective: Train trainers of trainers on instructional English Language through a hybrid approach as an initial stage of a cascading model to reach a large group of English medium teachers

Impact:  At the initial stage , English Language Teacher Educators will benefit from the project, but as a long-term impact, all English medium teachers in the South Ethiopia Region will benefit.

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Who is this Training for?

  •  Researchers – The module contains practical activities for writing research papers and manuscripts with tips and guidelines for doing so.
  • Research students – research students may find this module helpful to self c0rrect when writing their theses and dissertations.
  • Research supervisors – supervisors who help research students can find this module to straighten their supervisees' language.
  • Language editors – If you edit academic papers then you will find this module helpful in learning how to correct the typical errors that academics make when writing.

However, this will be more effective if these bodies attend the training provided with the help of this module and read the resources supplied at the eLearning portal prepared for this purpose.