This course is intended to equip students with basic and advanced listening comprehension skills. Therefore, it enables the students to use different listening comprehension subskills interactively to comprehend information from discourses made and reflect orally based on their listening. Listening inputs that are to be comprehended by the students are meant to practicing speaking in the English language. Therefore, the course deals with the underlying listening comprehension sub-skills or sub-constructs employed to develop better listening skills and helps students to identify purposeful listening from the casual hearing. In the due course, they will exploit the information they listened to develop their oral skills that will be supposed to be the observed change as a result of students' aural-oral learning practices helped by the use of mobile phone used a learning tool. The course includes all of the four sub-skills that are typified as literal, inferential, critical, and creative level listening comprehension sub-constructs that scale-up listener’s ability up to judging on the speaker’s communication strategies handling and identifying the stance.  The practical aspects deal with practicing using various listening sub-skills and strategies for listening comprehension such as listening for gist, listening for specific details, predicting, inferring, note-taking and making evaluative listening. They are also being embedded in oral or speaking skills learning activities for student oral communicative performance developments.