Topic outline

  • Unit 1

    UNIT 1: Study Skills

     Unit introduction

    The purpose of this unit is to familiarize you with the skills and academic practices that you need to develop as university students. The unit revolves around two important aspects of academic study, namely, taking notes while listening to lectures and reading for academic study. The various activities in the unit thus are geared towards helping you to take effective notes during lectures and to practice reading for different purposes.



     By the end of this unit, you will be able to:

    Ø  find out what is involved in a lecture;

     Ø   take lecture notes by listening to a talk;

     Ø   give advice using appropriate language;

     Ø   identify the various purposes for reading;

     Ø   read and make notes;

     Ø   use the present perfect tense appropriately and correctly;

     Ø   write a paragraph reflecting on your reading experience;

     Ø   expand your vocabulary knowledge; and

     Ø   reflect on your learning and self-assess your progress.