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e-Learning for Strengthening Higher Education (e-SHE)

by Neway Tadesse -

About e-SHE

The e-Learning for Strengthening Higher Education (e-SHE) is a five-year multistakeholder initiative implemented by the FDRE Ministry of Education in partnership with Mastercard Foundation, Arizona State University, Shayashone PLC, and the 50 Ethiopian public universities. 

It intends to strengthen the capacities of public universities to deliver online education. Conceived to boost the relevance, quality, access, and resilience of higher education in Ethiopia, the e-SHE initiative will develop and support the establishment of state-of-the-art facilities and systems for reliable online education in higher education in Ethiopia.


A five-year initiative, whose crucial ground works have been put in place in the past 10 months, e-SHE is looking to achieve the following targets:

  • 50 Public Universities
  • 800,000 Students
  • 35,000 Instructors
  • 5 Multimedia Studios
  • 2 Model Digital Courses
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