This course is designed for G2IT students to take their Fundamentals of Database Systems course exams.

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The course concentrates on principles of the science of light and energy with the primary focus regarding the architectural context. It will give the fundamentals of electricity generation, distribution of electrical power, and electrical installation. It will provide knowledge about the science of light related to buildings, including artificial light, natural light and day lighting interrelated to the design process. The course also refer to Building Codes, Technical Standards, symbols and abbreviations.

The course will provide an understanding of the principles of electricity, electrical power generation, distribution installation, and day lighting. It will introduce the art and science of lighting, which has a profound impact on the visual experience for the function and aesthetics of architectural spaces, and how it can be used to design comfortable indoor environments for different building types. Students will be enabled to deal with parameters of electrical installation/design and to understand the technical terminology to collaborate qualified with engineers  

They will understand the principles of light in relation to design of buildings, natural & artificial lighting, light & glare, and day lighting principles.