Course description: This course is designed for MSc maternal and reproductive health nursing students to help understand and practice the principles of nutrition as future health professionals. It equips students with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills required to deliver quality nutritional care for maternal and reproductive health in their future professional carrier. It also helps students develop an understanding of nutrition as an integral part of the overall health care system.

Course objective: At the end of the course, students should be able to acquire knowledge about,

  • Major nutrients including their food sources, digestion, absorption, metabolism, function, and deficiency diseases
  • Nutritional requirement and dietary recommendations during prenatal, intranatal and postnatal period
  • The different nutrition and related health problems during the fetal stage, maternal period, and infancy and related consequences as well as how to prevent and treat them.
  • The different methods and options of nutritional interventions, the national nutrition strategy, and the different currently available programs and guidelines in the country.
  • Develop the concern about the need for effective nutrition intervention in the country which has a relation with maternal health
  • Recognize nutrition as an important determinant of pregnancy outcome and give emphasis to nutrition during obstetric care, disease management, and patient care
  • Assessing and identifying specific nutritional problems at an individual and a community level related to maternal and reproductive health
  • Providing appropriate preventive and therapeutic services for nutritional problems at an individual as well as group/community level relation to maternal health
  • Providing appropriate nutritional care and counseling during the delivery of antenatal delivery and postnatal cares
  • Designing and implementing nutrition-related health promotion activities in a community for the mothers and infants