The course is concerned with industry based manufacturing of modular buildings and building components and maintenance aspects of building facilities.

Course Objective

Students be able to understand how to plan, organize, implement, and monitor/control every activity in construction  project.

Course Objective:

Students be able to understand management of Human resource and materials in organization. This course first defines what management is and discusses its historical development. Then the concept of Human resource management is introduced and its subtopics like HR Planning, procurement, Performance Appraisal and Wage and Salary Management will be discussed. In relation to labor management topics like Industrial relations, Labor Welfare issues and Grievance handling will be discussed. At the end the concept of materials management will be introduced and discussed.


LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion, students should be able to anticipate and resolve human resource and materials management concerns in the respective industry.

This course includes the types of construction equipment; Determination of Production of an Equipment, Selection construction equipment, Earth Moving and Equipment for Earthmoving: Excavating and Lifting Equipment, Loader, Hauling and Placing equipment, Dozers, Scrapers, Grading and Finishing equipment, Compaction and Equipment for Compaction, Aggregate Production Equipment, Concrete Equipments and Construction equipment management.

* To make the scholars to learn about Traffic control.