The main purpose    of the course is to introduce graduate   students   with the concept of research,   research   problem formulation, latest   research   methods they   need   to   conduct empirical research   studies   in any field, including Engineering.The course objective is also designed to familiarize the students with   basic experimental     design, sampling     design, procedures of data collection, data   analysis, various tests, interpretations and research writings including Proposals.

Planning the City

This course aims to expose the students to various facets of city planning. It shall enable them to understand the various urban development terminologies, urban plans, Ethiopian legislation and proclamations dealing with urban development, cases from around the world, etc.

We shall study the plan making process in Ethiopia, studying the master plan of Addis Ababa. Along side that we shall undertake structural plan case studies of various Category 1 cities. The course will also introduce infrastructure systems and policies, norms and standards, development guidelines, planning and management of resources.

As a part of the learning process, students shall undertake the current world pandemic situation caused due to Covid-19 and study cities from around the world focusing on various parameters like -  the ways in which the city and nation's administration has addressed/handled the outbreak and/or the contamination/spreading as a result of planning policy and/or role of urban planners in the creating a Resilient City, but not limited to above mentioned areas.

The research should focus on the learning outcomes from the cases studied and help future city planning to be more resilient by formulating Urban Development Guidelines for Bio-chemical wars and pandemics.