The objective of this course is to understand the flow of material, Introduce logistics Management, Out sourcing, Element of supply chain, Flow of supply Chain in the production system either in house production or vendor.

The course objective is to understand :,

1.      What is Supply Chain and what it does – it’s importance, objectives/goals – History of SCM

2.      SCM Process ,Process Flow – material & information flow and money flow   

3.      Supply Chain Operations – Planning & Sourcing and Making & Delivering

4.      Concept of logistics

5.      SCM decision phases – strategy

6.      Metrics for measuring Supply Chain Performance and Supply Chain efficiency

7.      SCM – role of inventory and inventory management-Optimization models

8.      SCM – applications and warehouse management.

9.      Benefits of SCM and Competitive advantage thru ’SCM.


Student learning outcome:

·         The student would understand the framework and scope of supply chain networks and functions.

·         Would understand application of SCM in practice and its benefits.

·         Will be able to appreciate the role of Supply Chain in a company

Course Objectives:

To understand the fundamental concepts of Rapid Prototyping and its importance to New Product Development. To understand different types of Rapid Prototyping and Technologies used for production of Rapid Prototyping`


Student learning outcome:

Students will be able to understand

·         Stages in Product development and importance of Prototyping

·         About Concurrent Engineering

·         Concept of Rapid Prototyping

·         Types of Rapid Prototyping and Process Technologies

Course Objectives:

To understand different types of Factory Layouts and their functional importance; Operation Management Tools and techniques, Capacity Planning and Advance Production / Manufacturing Systems.


Student learning outcome:

Students will be able to understand

·         Different Factory Layout Designs

·         Fundamentals of Operations Management

·         Operations Management – Tools and Techniques

Advance Production / Manufacturing Systems

The aim of the course is to familiarize the students with the emerging technologies in automation and manufacturing support system and tools, including material handling and Automated Guided Vehicle, Applicable Manufacturing system with standard code with machine interface.

The objective of this course is to developed strong knowledge of the CNC Machine operation and use in manufacturing engineering industries. The course is aimed at providing fundamental and advanced knowledge of NC , DNC, CNC MCU, APT, Automation technique, Process, operation Programming  with tool application   and optimization of manufacturing system.