Origin   and   History   of   Biotechnology;   Molecular   biology   and   Genetic   Engineering; Transgenic animal technology; Principles and techniques used in animal reproduction: Semen technology, Artificial insemination; Superovulation; Surgical and ultra sound guided oocyte  retrieval; In  vitro maturation  of oocytes; In vitro fertilization,  Intra-cytoplasmic spermatozoa injection; Invitro embryo culture; Embryo transfer

 Biotechnology principles and techniques used in animal nutrition: Use of molecular techniques to study and manipulate rumen function; Reduction of Methanogenesis. Use of nuclear and colorimetric techniques for the estimation of rumen microbial protein supply; Use of nuclear and related techniques for predicting and improving the efficiency of feeding ruminants on tanniniferous tree foliage; Biodegradation of lignocellulosic materials.

Biotechnology in Animal health; Biotechnology and safety