Diversity of meat sources and consumption; description and evaluation of various meat production systems. Constraints for improvement of meat production in tropics. Physical evaluation of slaughter animals. Carcass and meat characteristics and quality evaluation. Live animals, meat and meat product trade and marketing.Current issues and prospects of commercial layer and broiler poultry farms in tropics. Performance and evaluation of indigenous and exotic chicken breeds and their crosses. Physiology of egg formation and oviposition. Hatching eggs and hatchability. Hatchery equipment, operation, incubation and hatchery management. Commercial scale management of chicks, replacement pullets, layers and broilers. Environment, housing, equipment and waste management. Components of poultry diseases and parasites. Poultry breeding, record keeping, production of parental stock and hybrids, chick sexing and grading. Egg as a processed birds. Economics of egg and broiler meat production.