Course Aim: This course aims to provide students with a general introduction in the field of Petroleum and Coal Geology. Students will be made aware about the understanding, investigation and exploitation of these natural resources; develop their understanding on the occurrence of different types of fossil fuel deposits in Ethiopia and the world. Students will be taught about the basic knowledge on the nature, composition and maturation of coals and oils, and develop skills on the technological applications in the exploration of hydrocarbon resources.

  1. Course Aim/Rationale:

The amount of groundwater stored in an aquifer at any instant of time depends on the dynamic

relationship between recharge inputs, through the overlying land surface and from rivers, and

outflow to surface waters and pumped abstraction. Aquifer storage provides a buffer between

highly variable, climatically-driven recharge processes, and the less variable outflow that

supports surface water ecology. The abstraction of groundwater for human use, and some kinds of

land-use changes, alters the dynamic balance between “natural” recharge and the state of surface

waters. The groundwater resource management objective is to determine the regime of

abstraction that results in acceptable environmental effects. This course aims at enhancing

student’s skills and knowledge of tools, methods, and approaches used in groundwater resources


The course aims to provide students with the basic concepts of deformation of rocks, and of the mechanisms and causes of deformation; to familiarize students with how to appreciate, describe and record geological structures in the field; to enable students how to evaluate, analyze and interpret structural data and incorporate it into regional synthesis of an area. The course will serve as a complement to the Practical Structural Geology (Geol 2042) and Field Geology and Report Writing (Geol 302) courses as well as a basis for the Tectonics (Geol 404) and Mapping courses (Geol 401, Geol 402 and Geol 503)

This course is fundamental course for geology, hydraulics and civil engineering students which is very important to any kinds of Geo-technical site investigation work before designing of any structure on/in the ground.