Phys 632 Quantum States of Light (3 Cr.Hrs)

I. Course content

Quantization of radiation field, Quantum state of radiation field (Number states, Coherent states, Chaotic states, squeezed states), P and Q functions, Photon number and Photon count distributions, Quadrature variance and photon statistics of single-mode and two-mode squeezed states. Methods of closed and open quantum systems: The Fokker-Planck equation; Master equation, Quantum Langevin equation and Input-Output formulation

 II. Learning Outcomes

Subject-specific Knowledge:

At the end of this course, the students will be familiar with the properties of light

modes in different quantum states and methods of open quantum systems.

Subject-specific skills:

The acquired skills may be used in the analysis of various quantum distribution

functions and equations of evolution of cavity modes and quantum optical systems.

III. References

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Cambridge, 1997) (Main text Book)

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Evaluation methods

1. Individual Assignment 20%

2. Review on Selected topics     30%

3. Test (I &II) Or term paper report   20%

4. Final exam           30%