Course Description

Actual and potential applications of biotechnology in Animal improvement including

  1. Artificial insemination (Semen collection, processing/evaluation, preservation and insemination techniques)
  2. Sexed semen technology (Separation of X and Y chromosome bearing male gametes)
  3. super-ovulation (Multiple Ovulation) and Embryo transfer technology 
  4. in-vitro maturation and  fertilization of gametes   
  5. egg   and   zygote   manipulation: culturing,  storage   and   transplantation, induced    parthenogenesis,    induced    monozygotic  twining,  nuclear   transplantation;  
  6. Cloning (DNA/gene, Embryo)
  7. Chromosome complements of domestic animals and chromosome (Gene) manipulation
  8. Animal genetic engineering and genetic transformation

Reading materials

1. Muhammad Abubakar · Ali Saeed Oguz Kul, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2015. The Role of Biotechnology in Improvement of Livestock. 151 pp.

2. Gordon, Ian R. 2004. Reproductive Technologies in Farm Animals. University College Dublin, Ireland. CABI Publishing. 347 pp.

3. International Atomic Energy Agency Joint Fao/Iaea Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture, 2003. Guidelines and Recommendations for Improving Artificial Breeding of Cattle in Africa. Vienna, Austria.

4. Bourdon, Richard M. 2000. Understanding Animal Breeding

5. Malcolm, B. W. 1991. Dalton’s Introduction to Practical Animal Breeding

6. Teaching modules, notes and other related materials will be uploaded via AMU E-learning port.