1st year PG Course

Interactive Computation: Matrices and Vectors-Input-Matrix Manipulation-Creating vectors-Matrix and Array operations-Relational operation-Logical operations-Matrix functions-   Character String - Manipulating character strings-The eval function- Using Built- in Function / Matlab Programming-To find the determinant of a matrix-To find eigen values  and eigen vectors.

Control statements and  Matlab Programming:- To find the series solution of sin x, cos x, tan x , exp (x) - to find the sum of natural numbers ( even number, odd number, prime number)  form 1 to n, Sum of the alternating series and also to display the university result system-to obtain largest number among any four numbers - to convert  equivalent  decimal number to Binary number and vice versa - Generation of  Fibonacci series-  Use of for loop- While loop- If and else statement.

Solutions of above programs by using M-file-Function declaration-Function definition -Call by value and call by reference-Use of  M- file in Matlab.

Graphics 2D- Basic of 2D Plots-Labels, title, legend and different text objects-Axis control, zoom in and zoom out-            Specialized 2-D plots- Graphics 3D-Rotate view-Mesh and surface plot-vector field and volumetric plots-Integrated surface  plot.

 C++ Programming: Object Oriented Programming ( OOP)-Data Hiding principle-Data encapsulation -Data types-Header files and  commands- #include<iostream.h>-#include<conio.h>-void main ()-setfil(*) -setprecission(4) -setw(10)

Control  statements with  programming - Similar programming  as mentioned by using C++ -Multiple if and else statement -For loop-Do while loop- Function and  programming- Global function- Local function - function call- Array and programming- One dimensional array-      Two dimensional array -Linear and Binary search