Aims and objectives this course is: To develop a basic understanding of the engineering behavior of embankment dams through an appreciation of the geotechnical, geological and hydraulic (hydrological) inputs to Dam design and construction.

Basically the course is divided in two two parts,

Part one mainly concentrates on theoretical parts of the subject these are:

An overview of embankment dam engineering,

Classification of embankment dams,

Selection of dam type based on site investigation and site assessment,

Foundation and reservoir site treatment for embankment dams,

Principles of embankment dam design and construction,

Hydraulic design for embankment dams (seepage and piping),

Stability analysis,

Breach analysis,

Gradation design of sand and gravel filters,

Overflow embankment dam,

Embankment dams for flood and flood storage and dykes. 

Part two is manly focused on embankment dam deign software and class exercise with this package

Geo-slope software

Introduction to Geo-studio 2007

Class exercise to estimate Seepage and slope stability analysis using Geo-slope.