IChem. 601     Process Equipment Design and Drawing

Course Title:               Process Equipment Design and Drawing

Course code:                                                  IChem.601

Credit hours:                                                         2

Contact Hours:                                              2 Hours per week

Course Objectives:

The objective of this course is to acquire basic understanding of design parameter, complete knowledge of design procedures for commonly used process equipment and their attachments (e.g. reactors, heat exchangers, Design of Juice Heater, Evaporators, Vacuum Pan, Condenser, Crystallizer, Molasses Tank and equipments design in other industries – textile and leather.

Course Outcomes:

Knowledge of basics of process equipment design and important parameters of equipment design ,         Mechanical properties of materials.

-  Ability to design internal pressure vessels and external pressure vessels ,special vessels (e.g. tall vessels)   and various parts of vessels (e.g. heads) including various unit operation equipments

-  Ability to Design heat transfer equipments and mass transfer equipments

-  Ability to design cooling and heating systems of chemical reactors.

Course Outlines

Unit-I: Introduction

Introduction, basic considerations for designing; General designing procedure; anatomy of process manufacturing process- development of process flow diagrams, Equipment classification; Various  components of  process design, Design parameters; Design Considerations, Factors affecting the design and economic considerations, codes and standards ,advantages of codes and standards.

 Unit-II: Material properties for Equipment Design.

Material for constructions: Mechanical properties, Corrosion resistance. Plastics, Ceramics, Metals and its alloys and Stainless steel. Special material used for food and pharmaceutical equipment design. Protective coatings, Surface treatment to metals for corrosion resistance.

Unit-III: Introduction to drawing

Convention lines, Reading scale, Dimension rules, Section and their convention, Symbol of different materials.

.Drawing Practice: Geometrical shapes of Nut-bolt, valves, pumps, Juice Heater, reactor, fermentor, dryer, Evaporator, Pan and Condenser , pressure Vessel component; Vessel opening, Vessel enclosures, Vessel support and Jackets. Equipment and piping symbols.

Unit-IV: Design of Reactors and pressure vessels: Classification of chemical reactors; Designing of chemical reactors; Reactors with chemical addition, agitation, heating, removal of vapors and gas addition. Pressure vessels for internal or external pressure; Maintenance, Storage vessels for liquids and gases.

Unit-V: Design of Equipments :( Food, Sugar, Textile and Leather industries)

Constructional and functional details of equipments. Optimum parameters and factors to consider during design for effective working of sugar and food process equipments; Design of Juice Heater, Evaporators, Vacuum Pan, Condenser, Crystallizer, Molasses Tank and equipments design in other industries – textile and leather


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