Chapter - I Recent Applications in Industries

Green Chemistry: Principles and Tools of green chemistry; Evaluating the effects of green chemistry; Step to adopt green technologies in industries

Energy Resources: Chemical, electrochemical and solar energy systems; Conventional and non-conventional energy sources; Biomass and biochemical routes of energy conversion; Energy and the environment.

Sensor Technology: Classification and recent trends in sensors: Electrode analytical sensors and Metal membrane electrode sensors; Thin and thick film sensors and Nano-sensors; Applications of sensors in Industries.

Chapter - II  Bio-fuel Technology

Potential of Biomass; Biofuel policies and biofuel standardarization; Energy balance and efficiency of biofuels; Environmental impacts of biofuels; Types of biofuels: bioethanol - sugar crops, starch crops, cellulosic feedstock; Bioethanol production technology; Applications of bioethanol - spark ignition engines, compression ignition engines and fuel cells; Energy balance and emissions of bioethanol; Other impacts of bioethanol-water issues, land use and biodiversity; Economy of bioethanol; Future of biofuels: 1st and 2nd generation biofuels; integrated refining concepts; Strategies for new vehicle technologies and Market barrier of biofuels.

Chapter - III   Polymer Nano materials and Nanocomposites

Polymer nanocomposites; Advances in polymer nanocomposites; Nanoreinforcements - Nanoclay, POSS, carbon nanostuctures and nanoparticles; Dispersion and percolation: Influence of size, shape and diameter of nanotubes; functionalisation of nanoparticles and nanoplatelets; Emerging methods to prepare nanomaterials and nanocomposites.

Chapter - IV   Industrial Management-I Management of Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals

Introduction to toxic and hazardous chemicals; Procedure for working with substances that pose; flammable or explosive hazards; Potentially explosive chemicals;Transportation of hazardous chemicals; Incineration of hazardous chemicals; Identification, classification and segregation of industrial toxic / hazardous chemicals; Recovery, recycling and reuse of industrially important chemicals; Safety concepts in Industries.

Chapter - V   Industrial Management-II

Small Scale Industry: Need and scope of small scale Industry; Registration, licensing, Incentives, Factory act, Labor laws, S.T. and excise, FDA; Export-import regulations, tax benefits.

R & D, Technology Transfer; Role of Research and Development (R&D); Functional structure of R & D unit; Research strategies and manufacturing interface; University - Industry interface; Patents and Technology transfer; Pilot Plant operation and scale-up; Purpose, planning, design and operation; Analysis of results and assessment of feasibility of the design; Compromises to cope-up for safety and economy in construction and operation.

Mode of Delivery:

  • Gapped Lecture; Independent reading/assignments
  • Group discussion and Presentation
  • Oral Question & Answer discussion

Mode of Assessment:

Assessment Breakdown

Marks (%)

Mid-term exam (Written Exam)


Assignment-com-presentation & Self study Evaluation; Online Questioning 


End of Semester (Final Examination)




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