The introduction to Industrial Automation and Robotic course equips students with the necessary skills to troubleshoot, maintain, install and design automated production systems required for high-tech manufacturing industries. Currently, and more so in the near future, there is a large demand in Ethiopia for engineers with such know-how and skill, since the trend over the last decade is to move labor intensive production operations to a more automated and precise manufacturing operations. This requires highly skilled engineers to design, implement and maintain Industrial Automation and Robotic systems.

Course Objective

-       Describe the elements of an industrial robot, 

-       Distinguish between different robot mechanisms, sensors, actuators and end-effectors.

-       Design and program robotic manipulators for basic industrial applications.

-       Outline different industrial control devices such as electronics, Circuit breakers, timers, relays, and the like.

-       State and formulate solutions to basic tasks in industrial automation by use of PLCs.