The course Microcomputers and interfacing intends in getting the concepts to the mastering of basic microprocessors and microcomputers. The discussion of the course will be based around the 8086 intel-microprocessor. However, this is not stiff and could be subjected to change.

The fact that the 8086 is considered basic processor architecture makes the discussion to be based on this microprocessor. The discussion of the course will begin by introducing the microcontroller evolution in their historical background. The course will describe and explain the detailed architecture of the processor. Bus, memory, IO, and registers will be highly focused to. The assembly language code will be studied and different programs will be attempted. The most important discussion will be the interfacing of different types of devices and ICs to the microprocessor. This is believd to help students in equipping them with appropriate knowledge inĀ  to develop solutions to real world problems. Interfacing of interrupts, IO modules and other important concepts will be examined.