THE Course Energy conversion and rural electrification deals mainly with energy conversion technologies used to generate electrical energy and its application in rural electrification. However , as course foundation in the first and second chapters it deals with general introduction of energy ,form of energy and energy conversion steps to get final useful energy and fossil fuel  energy source and their impact in our environment respectively.  After having such foundation the consecutive chapters deals with 

  • Thermal-to-Mechanical to Electrical Energy Conversion( steam power plant such as coal pp  nuclear pp, solar thermal pp and geothermal power plant) 

  • solar-to-Electrical Energy Conversion such as photovoltaic  power system 
  • Kinetic (potential energy) to Mechanical Energy Conversion (rotation of turbine or blade) -         to  Electrical energy such as hydro power plant and wind power plant and finally 

  • Rural electrification ( why rural electrification,  challenges of rural electrification,  technologies for rural electrification,  rural electrification in Ethiopia)