Course Title: Applied Chemistry

Course Code: Chem 662

Credit Hour: 3

Contact Hour: 3 Lecture hours/week

Course Description

Processes and processes variables and Introduction to unit operations, material balance and energy balance. Water in the chemical industry; basic inorganic industrial processing (acids, alkalis, salts; gases, fertilizers, ceramics, glass, cement, metals, pigments). Basic organic  industrial processes (coal petroleum, main petrochemicals, basic organic products, plastics, rubber and fibers; sugar; oils and fats, detergents, paper; foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals; dye stuff,; leather).

Suggested Course Outline

1. Process variables, Unit operations and Materials balance

2. Water in the chemical industry

3. Industrial Manufacture of Mineral

4. Common salts and the Chloro-alkali industry

5. Inorganic fertilizers

6. Silicate Industry

7. High temperature materials

8. Petrochemicals

9. Plastics, Rubber and Fibers

10. Sucrose Industry

11. Oils, Fats and Detergents

12. Paper Industry

13. Chemical foodstuff processing

14. Pharmaceuticals

15. Chemicals for agriculture

16. Dyestuff

17. Leather Industry

18. Polymers


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