The course aims at imparting highly technical knowledge and skill in theory and design aspects of various diversion structures including canal design by tractive force approach. It enables students to design different types of diversion and control structures.

Course syllabus and contents

·Different stages of rivers and their flow characteristics
·A critical review of silt theories for canal design
·Tractive force approach for canal design
·Schwarz- Christoffel transformation and Khosla et al. theory
·Stability analysis, hydraulic and structural design of headwork components weir and barrage
·Design of gates, head regulator, divide wall, fish ladder, under sluices, silt excluder
·Design of regulating structures, distributary head regulator, cross regulator, escapes & outlets
·Basic canal design tools: stable channels and Manning's formula, alluvial channels and Lacey's regime formula and the depth/top width ratio
·Other sediment transport theories
·Design of silt control structures; silt ejectors,