At the end of the course, students should be able to:

Identify & select the proper safety factor to avoid failure of machine component before its expected life;

Understand fatigue life and fatigue strength of machine elements; § Identify causes of stress concentration in machine elements;

Analyze the strength of bolted, welded, riveted and interference fitted joints; keys, splines and pins joints; and

Design pressure vessels, valves and sealing mechanisms; springs.

. General and Manufacturing considerations.

 Engineering materials and properties.

Stresses in Machine members.

Stress calculations for Static loads.

Stress calculations for Dynamic loads.

Stress calculations for Varying loads

Strength Calculations of Bolted Joints

 Strength Calculations of Riveted Joints

Strength Calculations of Welded & Glued Joints

Design of Keys.

Design of Spline Joints.

Design of Pin joints, Interference fits

Design of  Pressure Vessels.

 Design of Springs


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