his training manual is prepared as part of the grand research project on Improving Quality of Teaching English Language Through ICT Tools: Arba Minch, Sawla And Arba Minch Community Secondary Schools in Focus funded by Arba Minch University. This project is the first of the two consecutive projects planned to be implemented by a team of experts from the College of social sciences and Institute of Technology of the university. This part of the two projects aims to improve the quality of teaching English through ICT tools while the follow up project focuses on the students with the aim of improving students’ ICT skills for learning English Language skills. As phase two of the project aims to train Teachers to use ICT tools for English Language Teaching, this training manual is prepared to assist English Language Teachers through a self-help training material. The manual included a number of topics of ICT for ELT. Unit one is on  Basic Computer Skills, unit two is on Microsoft PowerPoint for audio-video supported lessons, Websites and MOOCs for English Language teaching, unit four is on Mobile devices for accessing ICT tool supported lessons, unit five is  Mobile Applications for English Language Teaching and Learning, unit six is on Facebook group for English language teaching and learning, unit seven is on Free Audio-video Record and Playback Tools for ELT while the last unit is on E-learning platforms for English Language teaching. Since the methodology opted for is a hands-on discovery learning, your involvement in the tasks is very vital.