Welcome to the “Classroom English for University Instructors” training manual
which has been specifically written to help you develop the habit of using English
continuously in the classroom as an effective instructor. You may already be
familiar with some of the language items presented here. However, we still have a
great deal to learn.

You cannot teach or lead a classroom effectively in a foreign language unless
you have solid basis in the language yourself. Teaching has often been compared
to acting and we think that the two activities have a lot in common. You want
your audience to go away impressed and excited, and also to take away a
message. Neither you nor an actor will achieve this unless you use appropriate
language to get your message across. Therefore, it is believed that this training
course will help you in filling the gap of your classroom English and prepare you for
farther improvement. It is also believed that you will come away from this training
with new ideas and enthusiasm to try them out.

University instructors are mostly criticized for teaching in Amharic and testing and
assessing in English. The rationale for this training, therefore, arises from the need to
use English Language in the University classrooms as English is the medium of
instruction for all the courses in higher learning institutes.

The training manual is designed to help participants acquire different English
Language expressions that can be used to address situations and activities that
arise in the classroom. The manual includes different techniques of questioning,
organizing students, giving feedback, suggesting, commanding, requesting, etc. It
provides practical exercises, makes constant connection to classroom
experiences and encourages reflection on the experiences.