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Signin To AMU E-Learning By Using Microsoft Office365 Domain Emails

Signin To AMU E-Learning By Using Microsoft Office365 Domain Emails
by Elearning Admin - Saturday, 12 October 2019, 9:21 PM

As of December 7, 2018, All Active student of the university have got account  on Office365.


N.B. For students:

Before starting using your Microsoft Office365 with this site or any other sites, Please make sure that your default or first time password is changed, to change and secure your password advise your Campus ICT Coordination Offices.


Hence they can signin to AMU eLearning  portal using OpenID Connect, A Microsoft Authentication and Single Sign On  Client. Using this authentication method will allow users to access their OneDrive, SharePoint and other shared resources with in the portal.

Note that local eLearning accounts are created when a students or instructors signin with Microsoft Office365 accounts for the first time. 

Instructors can add student to their course as they used to add before or by by sharing enrollment key to their students.

Instructions on how to get their Office365 Account and password is being communicated to all students in their respecive campus ICT coordination Offices and Notice Boards.

This procedure applies to Post Graduate and Undergraduate students Which are enrolled in SMIS.(Regular, Extension and Summer)